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Thanks for your interest in publishing your work with Right Hand Pointing.

This is for submissions for our special issue, January 2020. 

Every poem (or piece of very short fiction) will have as their titles the names of the months. So, we hope to have a piece titled "January" and all the other months. The title must ONLY be the name of a month. No added words, please. A few other things to know:

1. Our usual guidelines apply. https://www.righthandpointing.net/brief-guidelines. Our usual length guidelines apply. For poems, our preference 75 words or less, 16 lines or less. If the number of lines is short, we might go as many as 100 words. If the word count is well under 75, we could take a larger number of lines, but not more than 20 lines. Fiction < 500 words.  We would love a few pieces of calendar-themed art, photography, or short video. Send samples.

2. Submit up to 3 pieces of short fiction and up to 5 poems.

3. We are open to having more than once piece named after a month.

4. The poem/story does not need to be ABOUT the month whose title it has. At the same time, there needs to be something in the piece that is somehow connected to the month. Perhaps the season or the weather. Some event that we all tend to associate with a month. Another way of saying this is that if your piece is titled "February" and the editors pretended the title was "August," we'd want to say, hey, this isn't an August poem. It's a February poem!

5. Deadline: December 15. We may reject some submissions before the deadline, but we won't make final selections until after the deadline.


Your Editors: Dale, Laura, José, John

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.