Thanks for your interest in publishing your work with Right Hand Pointing.

Please see the following link for our full guidelines:!submit/c1qnp

We only accept submissions from individuals who either subscribe to our newsletter or who are members of our facebook group. When you submit for the first time, mention that you are a subscriber or a member of our facebook group.

We do not sell or give your email address to anyone and very rarely send any more than 1 or 2 emails a month to our list. Subscribe at To join our facebook page click here.

When you submit, mention that you are a subscriber or a member of our facebook group.

Please  submit:
  • your cover note (editors: Dale (general, poetry), Laura (poetry),  Jose (poetry), John (fiction)
  • Your poems/stories
  • and your brief bio.
The bio should in the 3rd person and no more than 50 words. Rather than a comprehensive list of publications, give us a few of the most recent.  

Not to be a pain, but we reject submissions that aren't consistent with our guidelines, with a note to you to let you know we would be happy to read your resubmission. Which we will! Happily!

Finally, please do check and re-check your work before sending it in. Make sure it reads and is formatted as you wish it to appear.


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